How Can ASB Help?

How Can We Help? 


As leaders on campus, it's our responsibility to help students with anything they need. We look forward to helping anyone in need and have the desire to keep smiles on everyone's face.

Here's where you can find us or our counselors, and some frequently asked questions as well.


Mrs. Pequegnat, the ASB counselor,

can be found in C1. And you can find ASB at C5.


Other helpful counselors such as Mrs. Mauney (WEB advisor), can be found in the same building.

You can also find Ms.Geiger (WEB advisor) at N110, Mr.Knierim (WEB advisor) at M2 and Ms.Forbes (NJHS advisor) at B8.

On Thursday, ASB wears their club shirts as well as other clubs such as WEB and NJHS.



How Can I Become an ASB Leader?



You can click our "ASB Leader in Training"

page to your left to learn more about this!


What Do ASB Leaders Do?

ASB leaders set up activities during lunch, host school dances such as after school dances and the Winter Formal, and run fundraisers!We also take fun, leadership-oriented field trips during the year.

Is ASB Fun?


Yes, ASB is very fun! ASB is very exciting! If you are one of those people who are very energetic, fun, and focused. Then you should look forward to ASB!                                                                                                               

It's great to work with other leaders and clubs to make school a better place for everyone.

Also, if you do decide to join ASB, WEB, or NJHS. We leaders and staff wish you a fun and successful year!