Get To Know Your Leaders (:
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 Who are We?

We are the leaders of ASB, and together we make up a part of the bigger group of leaders including; NJHS, WEB, and every other student, because we are all leaders on this campus. The importance of creating relationships with us along with the other leaders on our campus, is crucial to our community here at OPMS. We want to be able to represent you, because your ideas and feedback is what makes ASB able to create fun dances, lunch time activities and many other things, for everyone here, at OPMS. The leaders of this years 2016-2017 ASB are Brayden Nungesser, Colin Nungesser, Wade Groff, Ben Schule, Grace Sojourner, Grace Drum, Lela Williams, Sydney Cerecedes, Darian Lozano, Charlotte Boss, Kirra Werner, Devon Diamond, and our advisor Ms.Pequegnat. Remember if you need anything, please come to your ASB leaders. We want to hear your feedback!
Have a Great Year,
Your ASB Leaders and Advisors