School Profile

Olive Peirce Middle School is a distinguished and distinctive school! We serve over 1100 7th and 8th grade students and are proud to be a true “Community of Learners” where powerful teaching and learning is JOB ONE!
OPMS is a “large group of people who revel in new knowledge and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others…” (OPMS student). Our beliefs and core values parallel our purpose and shared vision. We believe “in a safe and caring environment…in the uniqueness and worth of every human being…in the triangular strength of a collaborative relationship among staff, students, and home…that learning is a lifetime commitment for everyone…that success is a result of risk, creativity, and personal growth.” (OPMS Core Values). A passion for learning and a love of kids “caught in the middle” are strong forces that bind us together.
OPMS is a National Blue Ribbon School (1993) and a California Distinguished School (1994 and 1999). We are proud to be an exemplary and successful middle school worthy of recognition. Students are participatory learners, teachers are courageous innovators, our principal is a visionary leader, and our families and community ardently support us. We continue to create a Community of Learners where we solve problems together, have pride and dignity as educators, and consistently build relationships.
Our unwavering commitment is to do whatever it takes to ensure ALL our adolescents become thinking, productive, caring, and healthy young people.